Installing Windows 7 on Samsung NC10 Netbook

Firstly I tried making my usb pendrive bootable using a variety of methods to do avail – the machine simply would not boot from it (eventually I realised my mistake, I will discuss this in a later post).

So I did a fresh installation from within windows xp – upgrade is only supported for Vista sp1 and later so had to do a new installation, in hindsight it might have been better to have a dual boot system by repartitioning my hard drive, but I didn’t have the software with me at the time.

Install is pretty quick, especially compared to vista – 15-20 mins. It appeared that the touchpad was a bit too sensitive for my liking even during  the the first use section of setup, but it all becomes clear later. At the end of the first use setup Windows 7 does a reboot so don’t worry about the screen going black whilst it shuts down.At the end of the first use setup Windows 7 does a reboot so don’t worry about the screen going black whilst it shuts down.

First impressions are that it looks clean and minimalist, the responsiveness compared when compared to even a clean XP installation with proper drivers in place is great. After a bit of responsiveness checking, I went into the control panel, and opened the mouse properties and changed the pointer speed to a bit slower. After a few minutes of having to do several full strokes of the touchpad to get from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner I put it set it back to the original setting. I think I was used to its slightly sluggish performance in XP and needed to get used to it, it looks like Windows 7 optimises this based on screen resolution (but I haven’t managed to confirm this yet) so you can go from one corner to the opposite one in one stroke of the the touchpad.

At this point I did a reboot in case there were any unresolved issues from the initial installation. On reboot I was reminded of potential issues on my system, clicking the box shows me that I have forgotten to install AV, so I downloaded AVAST, and finally got UAC warning me. The installation went perfectly, without a hitch.

I went on to look at device manager to check out any driver issues, the Ethernet controller was showing a missing driver. This has been discovered and solved before though – Further entries on this blog show that there are other drivers that would be useful to download the vista version of; sound, touchpad, easy display manager, Easy Battery manager (Samsung powersave utility), PlayAVStation. UAC promted when installing all these.

There is also an MP3 corruption issue, to solve this you need to make sure you install the hotfix in MS KB961367 before accessing them or else they will become corrupted. This patch popped up an IE security confirmation when I ran it, but no freezing of the whole system by UAC, UAC did not intervene even when the patch was being installed.

That is the basics of the installation covered, you can install the vista version of the bundled samsung utilities if you will find use for them, but personally this was enough.


~ by Phil on February 4, 2009.

One Response to “Installing Windows 7 on Samsung NC10 Netbook”

  1. After a few months of reading reviews about of all of the positives and negatives that come with netbooks, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and get the NC-10. This little bad boy is nice. Sleek, compact, fast and comfortable. The keyboard is absolutely perfect. All of your keys are there where they’re supposed to be. It feels completely natural when you’re typing. The screen is bright and crystal clear with keyboard buttons that let you adjust the brightness levels. The fan is extremely quiet and there is even a hot-key (shortcut) on your keyboard that lets you run it in silent mode (turns it off until it rises to a certain temperature) I’ve never had to use it because it’s perfectly quiet by default. This netbook is very speedy, boot up times are great and you can significantly improve them by removing McAfee and installing another virus protection software (I recommend Nod32). Bluetooth is an added bonus. I haven’t had any problems at all except for a slight adjustment to the small track pad. If you don’t mind carrying around a small bluetooth mouse with you, you can do that as well. The track pad really works great once you get the hang of it, but there was a learning curve for me.

    I couldn’t believe how long the battery lasts on this machine. I watched the clock when I first started using it and counted down six and a half hours before it got to thirty minutes left, then I charged it back up. Keep in mind that I was using the laptop the whole time, when I wasn’t on it I had downloads running, just to test how long it would last in use. I was worried about the screen size at first. I thought it would be too small and viewing websites would be a hassle. I thought wrong. The text isn’t too small and it does not hurt your eyes at all. My vision isn’t the greatest and I’m still able to view everything perfectly. A lot of people have recommended putting your browser in full screen mode to view things perfectly or hiding your start menu bar, but I’ve found it to be very nice the way it is. Can’t forget to mention the webcam either. It’s there if you ever need it and the picture quality is really good for 1.3 Megapixels. I’ve named her ‘Sammy’ (yeah, not very creative, I know). This netbook is a real eye catcher with the glossy black outside, simplistic ‘SAMSUNG’ logo on the front, nice shiny chrome trim around the outside and flashy blue LED lights on the front side. I’m glad I purchased this netbook, it was worth every penny! I just wish I would have gotten it sooner, now I can’t live without it.

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