Windows 7 Power Management Issue

I have been using Windows 7 for quite a few weeks now and one thing that I have noticed, my netbook gets very hot.  That was one reason why I briefly (for about half an hour) reverted to XP.

Anyway, as I use a netbook, I use it on battery power more often than not when around the house, so I noticed it when I used it on battery for extended periods.

The reason is that the power save power plan turns off active cooling (the fan) on the CPU when on battery power to conserve power, ok it does save power, but it gets very hot on the right hand side of the notebook.  Anyway after a bit of unsuccessful googling I investigated and found the setting.

You can get to the Power Settings by clicking the start orb – control panel – Power options, or simply right click the power icon in the system tray and select power options.

Click “Change Plan Settings” by the power saver plan


Next click on change advanced power settings


Next Scroll down to Processor Power Management, then system cooling policy, click on the passive settings and change them both to Active.


The click apply and ok your way out of there.

The reason I didn’t notice at first was that I was using the Samsung Power settings it puts in when you use it’s Battery Manager software, in that power plan it was set to passive on battery, and active plugged in.

Now my netbook is a happy bunny again, I can see this being useful for desktop machines that may use effective passive cooling on the CPU, but on netbooks, not so great.


~ by Phil on February 4, 2009.

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