Windows 7 – Display Brightness Problem

I haven’t posted for a while as I was going to do a post detailing how I installed Mac OSX on my NC10 netbook, but I am going to re-install both Windows 7 and OSX in the near future, this time with the help of a new slimline external DVD-RW, so I will detail what I do this new time I re-install them.

I was having a problem with controlling the display brightness in Windows 7, according to the document that can be downloaded from Microsoft at – there should be Brightness slider in both the Windows Mobility Center (Shortcut – Windows Key+X, or my right clicking the power icon in the system tray) and the Power Options (reached from either by the Controls panel – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options, or by right clicking on the power icon in the system tray). However it was not present on my system, in fact not of the controls were listed.

I have the Vista version of Samsung’s ‘Easy Display Manager’ installed and this is supposed to enable keyboard hotkeys etc. Well the display brightness keys were only working sporadically, and generally when plugged into the AC power supply.

A quick search around the web revealed little but did see mentions of there possibly being controls in the BIOS to control brightness, So after rebooting my machine, I hit F2 to enter the BIOS and switched to the Boot options and saw the following:-


So I toggled the Brightness Mode Control to User Control, by hitting F6 to give the following screen:-


I saved the BIOS settings and booted back up to Windows 7, and the shortcut keys on my keyboard to control brightness worked like a dream, however I still could not find the controls in the Windows Mobility Center, or in the Power Options.  I will continue to pursue this though and hopefully write a new post with the updates.


~ by Phil on March 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “Windows 7 – Display Brightness Problem”

  1. Thanks a lot really helpful guide. Brightness issue was really starting to annoy me. Thanks again!!

  2. Sweet, thanks man; I only just noticed I could not change my brightness levels!

    Oh, and by the way; The Brightness slider for me is in the ‘Change plan settings’, underneath the drop downs. Hope that helps!

  3. I know that this slider should be there, but it is missing for me, I imagine there is some policy or other hiding it, or possibly because the Samsung power management software has hidden it, when I re-install soon I will definately check this before I install the power mangement software.

  4. I couldn’t adjust my brightness even after the bios setting was changed (My version of windows 7 is 7068)
    In the end, i installed the Samsung Easy Disply Manager (XP Driver) from their site, and all works well now 🙂

    • Ah right, I used the Vista version of Easy Display Manager, but without the changes to the BIOS the Easy Display Manager didn’t work. Where did you get the 7068 build? I am still using 7000, have they finally made interim builds available on Technet?

  5. I downloaded it from a torrent site

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