Why Why Why?

•February 4, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I already have a technical blog elsewhere, I haven’t chosen to import it, I probbably won’t continue to update the other one, so why have I done that?  The answer is simply that I have at last got some time to blog about everything and anything in tech, and secondly I wanted to broaden what I blogged about slightly whilst occasionally diving into the detail.

I have recently bought a little Samsung NC10 netbook, and a few weeks ago installed Windows 7 onto it, so that is where I will start, purely because I am seriously impressed with the little thing, and Windows 7 has made using it an enjoyable experience.

I will add some details of the installation, hints about potential issues you might see in installing Windows 7 on the Samsung, and potentially others that are practically the same machine but a different brand (MSI Wind).